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Project Members


Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill

Principal Investigator 

Prof. Wallace-Hadrill has had an extensive and successful career, culminating in his OBE which was awarded for his services to Anglo-Italian cultural relations. He began his higher education at Oxford University and achieved his doctorate with the thesis Suetonius on the Emperor: studies in the representation of the emperor in the Caesars. Andrew has since gone on to become professor and lecturer of Classics at both Cambridge and Reading University. His career then took him to Rome, where be became Director of the British school at Rome, before taking on the role of Principle Investigator for The Impact of the Ancient City project.

Dr Elizabeth Key Fowden

Dr Elizabeth Key Fowden

Senior Research Associate


Grounded in her training in Classics, Elizabeth Key Fowden’s research has focused on religious, political, and architectural intersections in late antique and early Islamic Greater Syria. In her current book project, The Parthenon Mosque, Fowden applies her interest in Islamic reformulation of the classical and Christian inheritance to the early modern conjunction of Greek, European and Ottoman views in the ‘City of Sages’. In her role as full-time Senior Research Associate she has led Project seminars in Cambridge and lectured widely on the Project and her own research on Athens and its Aegean context. Elizabeth helped formulate and organise the Project’s international conference, “Cities as palimpsests?”. She often visits Greece to continue her fieldwork.

Dr Louise Blanke

Dr Louise Blanke

Research Associate (Spring 2019 - Autumn 2019)

Dr Blanke is currently the recipient of an international postdoctoral fellowship at Oxford University and will become a Research Associate for The Impact of the Ancient City project, in the Spring of 2019. The focus of Louise's research has been on investigating the practices of Eastern Mediterranean inhabitants and the daily life of ancient societies and Near Eastern and Egyptian Archaeology. This has lead Louise to directing excavations around Egypt and Jordan. Louise is a co-organiser for the Istanbul Symposium and has plans to collaborate with Edward on an Egyptian workshop.  


Dr Suna Çağaptay

Research Associate 

Dr Cagaptay finished her Degree and Masters in Archaeology and History of Art at Bilkent University, Turkey. She went on to publish her PhD in Architectural History and Theory, alongside a certification for Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies, at the University of Illinois. With specialisms in Byzantine and Early Ottoman architecture and Mediterranean Archaeology, Suna is a Research Associate with The Impact of the Ancient City project, until Spring 2019. Since joining the project Suna has been a principal organiser for the conference in Istanbul, which is in collaboration with her home institution; Bahcesehir University.

Beth Clark

Research Project Administator

Beth Clark graduated with a degree in Geography, earning a First Class dissertation for her work on the portrayal of immigrants in British print media. She became the temporary Research Project Administrator in June 2017, before securing the permanent position for The Impact of the Ancient City project later that year.

Since joining the project Beth has helped plan workshops and international conferences as well as taking charge of financial and general administrative duties. Outside of the project Beth has started up a Well-being initiative for the local vicinity which is generously supported by the Classics Faculty. 


Sofia Greaves

PhD Student and Research Associate (Autumn 2017 - Spring 2021)

Sofia Greaves is a postgraduate student undertaking her PhD, which is supported by The Impact of the Ancient City project.


Sofia graduated with First Class Honours in Classics from Durham University, before completing an MA in Fine Art and Decorative Design at Sotheby’s Institute. Sofia will be splitting her time between Cambridge and Italy, at the British School at Rome. Her research focuses on the ancient city and the development of Italian modernity in the 19th – 20th century.

Javi Iberia crop.jpeg

Dr Javier Martínez Jiménez

Research Associate (Winter 2017 - Winter 2021)

Dr Martinez Jimenez studied Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Oxford University before completing his doctorate in Archaeology, paying particular attention to the watery-world of aqueducts in Post-Roman Spain. With experience of commercial archaeology 

and interests in Roman and Medieval Urbanisms and Ancient buildings and engineering; Javi became a full-time Research Associate for The Impact of the Ancient City project. Since joining the project Javi has helped Louise with excavations in Jordan and has jointly organised a panel at Leeds IMC, a workshop in Cambridge and a project field-trip to Iberia. 

Dr Sam Ottewill-Soulsby

Research Associate (Winter 2017 - Winter 2021)

Dr Ottewill-Soulsby began his studies with Medieval History at York University, before moving to Cambridge to complete a Master and PhD, concluding his studies with a thesis entitled Carolingian Diplomacy with the Islamic World. Since joining the project as a full-time researcher Sam has developed a sustained interest in the representation of animals in Antiquity and the idea of Citizenship. Sam has jointly arranged an 'ImpAncCit' Leeds International Medieval Congress panels, a Citizenship workshop, as well as contributing to the conferences and frequent project seminars


Dr Ed  Zychowicz-Coghill

Research Associate (Autumn 2017 - Autumn 2020)

Dr Zychowicz-Coghill completed his PhD at Oxford University in the Summer of 2017 and promptly joined The Impact of the Ancient City project as a Research Associate in the Autumn. Having first studied Modern History, his curiosity for the Arabic language led him to investigate topics such as Urbanisms in Palestine and Arabia, conquests in Egypt and Near Eastern languages and civilisations. Since joining the project as a Research Associate Ed has spent time researching in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, as well as contributing to the conferences and workshops. 

Advisory Board Members



Dr Amira K Bennison, Reader in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Cambridge 

Prof Cyprian Broodbank, Disney Professor of Archaeology, Cambridge

Prof Garth Fowden, Sultan Qaboos Professor of Abrahamic Faiths, Cambridge 

Dr Alessandro Launaro, Lecturer in Roman Archaeology, Cambridge

Prof Rosamond McKitterick, Professor of Medieval History, Cambridge

Prof Martin Millett, Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge

Dr John Patterson, Senior Lecturer in Classics (Ancient History), Cambridge

Prof Robin Osborne, Professor of Ancient History, Cambridge  


Prof Robin Cormack, Emeritus Professor of Byzantine Art History, Courtauld Institute, London

Prof Luuk De Ligt, Professor of Ancient History, Leiden

Prof Çiğdem Kafescioğlu, Associate Professor of History, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul

Prof Ray Laurence, Professor of Roman History and Archaeology, Kent

Dr Keith Lilley, Reader in Historical Geography, Queen's University, Belfast

Dr Josephine Crawley Quinn, Lecturer in Ancient History, Oxford

Prof Bryan Ward-Perkins, Professor of Late Antique History, Oxford

Prof Chris Wickham, Chichele Professor of Medieval History, Oxford 

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